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Peach Mango

Blending juicy peaches, tasty mangos, and heaps of Cascade Hops shows you how passionate we are about this one. A one-of-a-kind flavor burst waiting for you to give it a whirl.

According to Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins: “The new Point Peach Mango IPA, brewed with Cascade and Cluster hops, is a deep orange color with a complex, fruity character. When you open the bottle, you will notice not only the citrusy aroma of the Cascade hops, but a pleasing peach aroma as well. When you drink it, you will immediately taste the mango, which leaps onto your tongue before finishing with the hop bitterness typical of a traditional IPA.”

6 Bottles

Brewmaster Notes

AvailabilityYear Round

MaltsAshburne, Caramel blend, Two-Row

HopsCascade, Cluster

Alcohol Content5.5% By Volume