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Spruce Tip

A soulful combo of bold Cascade hops, sweet Colorado blue spruce tips and a touch of caramel malt will satisfy your craving for something unique. Make this your first pick.

According to Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins: “We combined sweet blue spruce tips from Colorado with bold Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest to create this refreshingly unique IPA. We replaced some of the hops we would normally use with blue spruce tips harvested when they are at their sweetest: young and tender. The Cascade hops provide a tasty bitterness in the flavor¹s background. The end result is an extremely aromatic brew that will remind you of a walk in the Colorado mountains.”

6 Bottles

Brewmaster Notes

AvailabilityYear Round

MaltsCaramel, Two-Row


Alcohol Content5.7% By Volume


Awards & Accolades

Gold Medal Winner

World Beer Championships, 2017