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White IPA

Crisp, clean and refreshing this authentic IPA will give you a first-hand look and taste of Sorachi Ace Hops, named after the Sorachi Subprefecture in Hokkaido, Japan. Hand crafted using a blend of Sorachi Ace hops and a blend of two-row malt. Enjoy your journey “ichiroheian o inoru.”

According to Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins: “Sorachi Ace hops from Japan, a bittering hop perfect for brewing India Pale Ale, are front and center in Point White IPA, which invites you to “ichiroheian o inoru,” or “enjoy your journey.” Unlike traditional American or British-style IPAs, which are usually copper-colored, Point White IPA shines with a rich golden hue. Our White IPA is a very delicate beer because the Sorachi Ace is a very delicate hop in terms of flavor and aroma, adding apple and pear notes.”

6 Bottles

Brewmaster Notes

AvailabilityYear Round

MaltsCaramel, Two-Row

HopsSoriachi Ace Hops, Palisade Hops

Alcohol Content4.8% By Volume


Awards & Accolades

Silver Medal Winner

World Beer Championships, 2017