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New year-round brew expands Whole Hog Limited Edition lineup

STEVENS POINT, Wis. July 18, 2013 – If you enjoy strong, dark, extra malty ales, you’ll love
Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, the latest Whole Hog Limited Edition “big beer” from the
Stevens Point Brewery.
A bold, malty brew, Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is debuting at retail during July in fourpacks
of 12-ounce bottles wherever Point and Whole Hog beers are sold.
“Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is a perfect fit with our Whole Hog Limited Edition
specialty beers. It’s a great sipping beer, as big as they come,” said Joe Martino, Stevens Point
Brewery Operating Partner.
Scotch ales traditionally are very dark and full-bodied with a sweet maltiness and higher alcohol
content. The strongest and darkest type is known as ‘wee heavy’ in Scotland; they are the
Scottish counterpart to England’s barley wines. “Our Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale fits the
bill nicely,” Martino said.

Scotch ales traditionally have been rated using a system based on the now-obsolete shilling
currency that may have had its origins in long-ago tax rates. The scale starts with lighter-bodied
60-shilling ales and grows progressively fuller-bodied with higher alcohol contents. Whole Hog
Wee Heavy is a 120-shilling ale toward the top end of the scale, a ranking that promises a strong
full-bodied brew.

Brewing Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Point Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins brews Wee Heavy Scotch Ale using traditional Scottish peated
two-row barley malt, pale malt and crystal malt. A long boil of about two hours allows
caramelization of the sugars in the wort, which yields a big, malty, deep copper colored beer
flaunting sweet hints of toffee and caramel.
Hops are not emphasized in the traditional Scotch ale flavor profile, according to Hopkins. “Wee
Heavy Scotch Ale is not a hop-focused beer; it’s more about the malts and full body,” he said,
adding that Wee Heavy undergoes are slower fermentation process at a colder-than-normal
temperature for ales.
“Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is a bold and complex beer, and very enjoyable for specialty beer
enthusiasts who appreciate a rich, full-flavored and full-bodied ale,” Hopkins said.

Whole Hog Limited Edition Specialty Beers
At the top the specialty-beer scale, the Whole Hog Limited Edition beers represent the epitome
of the brewmaster’s art. Full-bodied and heavily hopped, they are “big beers” handcrafted in
small batches to appeal to the most discerning craft-beer aficionados and round out the Stevens
Point Brewery’s specialty portfolio.
In addition to Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, the Whole Hog year-round beers include
Whole Hog Six-Hop India Pale Ale, an IPA brewed with six varieties of hops from the Pacific
Seasonal offerings are Whole Hog Russian Imperial Stout, a strong English stout for the spring;
Whole Hog Raspberry Saison, a Belgian-style ale with a hint of raspberry flavor for the summer;
Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale for the fall, which won the gold medal in the Pumpkin Beer category at

the 2012 Great American Beer Festival and Whole Hog Barley Wine Style Ale, a dark and deep
English-style barley wine for the winter months.
Point’s year-round handcrafted beers include flagship Point Special Lager, a premium American
lager; Point 2012 Black Ale, a robust dark ale; Point Belgian White, a Belgian-style wheat ale;
Point Burly Brown American Brown Ale, an American-style brown ale; Point Cascade Pale Ale,
a hoppy American-style pale ale; Point Drop Dead Blonde Ale, a golden ale; Point Beyond the
Pale, IPA, just released this summer; and Point Amber Classic, an American-style amber lager.
Seasonal specialty brands are Point Oktoberfest, a Bavarian-style Märzen beer for the fall; Point
St. Benedict’s Winter Ale, a dark, Belgian abbey-style ale available from November through
February; Point Three Kings Ale, a Kölsch-style ale for the spring; and Point Nude Beach
Summer Wheat, a refreshing, award-winning unfiltered wheat ale.
In addition to award-winning beers, Stevens Point Brewery produces gourmet sodas, including
Point Premium Root Beer, Point Premium Diet Root Beer, Point Premium Orange Cream, Point
Premium Vanilla Cream and Point Premium Black Cherry Cream Soda.
For more information about the Stevens Point Brewery, founded in 1857, visit or call (715) 344-9310. Tours of the brewery are available, with schedules
listed on the Web site.

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