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Brewery again increases production of popular wheat ale as summer approaches

STEVENS POINT,Wis.  (April 17, 2012) –PointNudeBeachSummer Wheat Ale has become so popular the Stevens Point Brewery has boosted production – again.

The unfiltered ale is the Stevens Point Brewery’s largest selling seasonal beer and is expected to pour on the sales again this summer, according to Stevens Point Brewery Operating Partner Joe Martino. “To get ready for summer, we are taking advantage of our brewery’s increased production capacity to brew 50 percent more Nude Beach Summer Wheat than we did last year,” he said. “This is not the first time we’ve increased production to keep up with demand. We are as excited as our customers are for the arrival of summer and the return of Nude Beach Summer Wheat Ale.”

Since 2009 the Stevens Point Brewery has invested approximately $3 million in new equipment and additional warehouse space to increase capacity and improve brewing efficiency. The latest expansion now being completed adds nine new fermentation/aging tanks, two bright beer tanks and other equipment, increasing brewing capacity to more than 120,000 barrels per year. “Our increased capacity gives us the flexibility to increase production of a particular brand, when necessary, and it is again necessary for Nude Beach Summer Wheat,” Martino said.

PointNudeBeachSummer Wheat Ale quickly became the brewery’s most successful new-product introduction ever when it was rolled out in 2008. In addition to winning favor among beer drinkers, the wheat ale has won accolades from beer competition judges, most recently silver medals in the Wheat Ale category of the 2011 and 2010 World Beer Championships, sponsored by the Chicago-based Beverage Testing Institute.

PointNudeBeachSummer Wheat is a golden-colored, unfiltered wheat ale, which means the yeast is not filtered out of the beer after fermentation is complete. It’s brewed with two varieties of wheat – unmalted white wheat and malted red wheat – along with specialty barley malts, fresh hops from Washington State’s Yakima Valley and the Steven’s Point Brewery’s own ale yeast.

According to Stevens Point Brewery Brewmaster John Zappa, the unmalted wheat gives body and a distinctive wheat flavor to the beer while the red wheat imparts a slight sweetness, and the ale yeast adds a subtle citrus character. “PointNudeBeachSummer Wheat is the perfect beer for toasting the arrival of summer – crisp yet smooth, full of flavor yet very drinkable. If you’re looking for a refreshing brew on a sunny summer day, Point Nude Beach Summer Ale is the one,” Zappa said.

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