Our History

Explore Stevens Point Brewery’s rich history as one of the oldest, continuously operating breweries in the country — from 1857 to the present.


Frank Wahle and George Ruder establish the Stevens Point Brewery and brewed the first Point Beer.

Stevens Point Brewing Company delivery wagon loaded with cases of beer, circa 1900


The Stevens Point Brewery provides beer to troops during the Civil War.


It was during the 1880’s the brewery began marketing itself as the Stevens Point Brewery.*


Andrew and Jacob Lutz expanded the brewery’s capacity when they constructed a new stone brewhouse.*


Stevens Point Brewery installed mechanical refrigeration.


The Stevens Point Brewery produces near-beer products and soft drinks during Prohibition.


Wisconsin is home to more than 80 breweries, most of which go out of business after the Great Depression but the Stevens Point Brewery continues to thrive.


Stevens Point Brewery added a large 4-door garage to the property to house their own distribution fleet of vehicles.


Point Special is rated the #1 American beer in a taste test as reported by Mike Royko, a prominent columnist for the Chicago Daily News.


The brewery expands its facilities to include the installment of new aging tanks, allowing capacity to increase more than 40%.


As the demand continues for the Point Beer products, the brewery constructs a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility to house finished goods and streamline the shipping process.

4-pack of Root Beer with a single bottle sitting separately to the right of the 4-pack.


Stevens Point Brewery is once again Wisconsin owned - sold by Barton Beers, Chicago, IL. Point Premium Root Beer Gourmet Soda is introduced.


Point Special Lager wins the Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival over Miller Genuine Draft and Budweiser and receives national recognition.


Stevens Point Brewery expands distribution throughout the Midwest.


Stevens Point Brewery introduces three new gourmet soda brands: Point Premium Vanilla Cream, Diet Root Beer, and Black Cherry Cream.


Investment totals two million dollars by new ownership in packaging warehouse and brewing equipment.


Stevens Point Brewery celebrates 150 years of brewing.

Bottle of Point Beer lined up on a bar with a brick background and lighting from copper fixtures above


Stevens Point Brewery begins to produce seasonal brews.


Whole Hog Limited Release Beers introduced.


Stevens Point Brewery expands with a 2,700 sq. ft. addition including a new keg cooler and four new aging tanks. This increases capacity to more than 80,000 barrels. Distribution grows to 25 states.


In order to keep up with demand, the Stevens Point Brewery expands with a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse and adds 8 more tanks. This increases capacity to nearly 100,000 barrels.

Three bottles of Ciderboys Hard Cider on a wooden table in front of an abstract blurred background of bokeh light


Stevens Point Brewery grows its portfolio and begins producing Ciderboys Hard Cider. It also expands with 9 new fermentation tanks and two new bright beer tanks. This increases capacity to 120,000 barrels of beer annually. 2010-2012 expansions total $2.1 million.


Stevens Point Brewery announces $2M expansion with the addition of a second brew kettle, 16 more unitanks, a new automated grain handling system and a new can packer. This increases capacity to 150,000 barrels of beer annually.


Stevens Point Brewery invests $1.5M in equipment and infrastructure upgrades. It installs three more unitanks, upgrades bottle filler and purchases 1,000 new kegs for the brewery’s expanding draft beer/cider business.


Stevens Point Brewery invests $1.5M more in new can filler and new tanks.


Stevens Point Brewery celebrates 160th Anniversary. Commemorative Mural is painted in downtown Stevens Point.


Point Special wins a gold medal at the United States Open Beer Championships.


Stevens Point Brewery purchased an authentic 1949 Chevy Point Beer delivery truck to display in the beer garden.


The Stevens Point Brewery expanded with a $2.5M investment in new capacity, equipment and capabilities. The upgrades to the historic Wisconsin brewery included four additional 300 bbl fermentation tanks, a second centrifuge, state of the art tunnel pasteurization, doubled line speeds, variety pack cans, and more. The additional 40,000 barrels will bring Point’s annual output to 165,000 barrels.


The Stevens Point Brewery announces first ever collaborative beer named Hula Badger with Kohola Brewery, Lahaina, HI. This was part of the Connected Communities initiative through Sentry Insurance Foundation.


The Stevens Point Brewery expanded with a $2.5M New Brewhouse. The “James and Susee Wiechmann Brew House” opened in May of 2023. The new system is more efficient: using less water, saving time, and providing better consistency and quality to the beer with the ability to brew 100 more barrels a day.

Vintage bar interior with beer taps


The Stevens Point Brewery opens new $1.1M tap room. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy their favorite Point Beer on draft while sitting inside the tap room or outside in the connected beer garden.

*Credit | John Harry, writer of the Stevens Point Brewery Company pictorial history book.