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Custom Label

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Are you looking for the perfect gift or way to celebrate an upcoming event?  We can help! We can put custom labels on our Point Special, Point Amber, First Press Cider, and Point Premium Root Beer.  The minimum order is a 6 pack for $10.99.  You can also purchase a case for $35.  If you would like custom labels on beer and want to use a salutation that is not on our approved list, we would have to submit it for approval to the government.  That process can take up to 30 days.  If you choose an approved salutation then the turnaround time could be as short as a week.  If you would like a picture on it, please send that to and we can make a proof label for you.  If you would like to see our already made up templates please email what kind of celebration it is and we can send those to you.  Please email with any questions.  Not able to be ordered online, only through the gift shop and through email -  *Beer and cider must be picked up at the Gift Shop; cannot be shipped.

Custom Label
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